Our Mission

At Red Road TV, our mission is to share and celebrate the diverse stories, cultures, and traditions of Native American/First Nation peoples. Media is a powerful tool for promoting social justice, cultural awareness, and self-determination among Indigenous communities.

We are committed to creating a platform for Indigenous voices to be heard and for Indigenous stories to be shared. We strive to provide a space for community members, artists, storytellers, and leaders to share their experiences, perspectives, and visions for the future.

We recognize the media’s important role in shaping public perception and understanding of Native American communities. We aim to challenge stereotypes and promote a more accurate and respectful representation of Indigenous peoples in media.

We are guided by principles of cultural humility, collaboration, and community engagement. We partner with Tribal communities and organizations to co-create content that reflects the diversity and complexity of Indigenous cultures and traditions.

At Red Road TV, we envision a future where Indigenous peoples are empowered to tell their own stories and to shape the narrative of their own communities. We believe that media has the power to promote healing, resilience, and cultural revitalization among Indigenous peoples, and we are dedicated to contributing to this vision through our work.

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